How to Create Better Content for Your Business in 2017

Content for Your Business

You’ve probably set a number of lofty business goals in 2017 (if you did, we applaude you). Some of your goals may be related to sales and revenue, other goals may be related to productivity, but if you really want to take your online business to the next level in 2017 you need to focus on creating great content day in and day out.

Creating exceptional content is necessary if you want to attract new customers, maintain a relationship with your current customers build value and credibility around your brand. However, even though creating fresh content is crucial to the success of your online business, there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about doing it.

If you’re ready to push your business forward and earn more credibility through content marketing, then follow these tips for a strong content marketing plan.

#1: Only Create Content That has a Purpose

Everyone in the online marketing space recommends content marketing, but there isn’t any reason to post hundreds of low quality blogs per year if it’s not going to do anything for your business. If you want to make the most of your content marketing strategy, consider the purpose of each post that you plan to create. What audience are you trying to reach, what problem does it solve and is it really worth doing? Make sure that each post you create has a very clearly defined call to action.

#2: Niche Your Content Down

Content is most effective when the focus is narrow and reaches a very specific segment of your audience. Instead of creating content that will “appeal to the masses”, make sure you identify the audience for every piece of content you create. You also need to make the topic as narrow as possible so you can get more engagement and shares. For example, if you are thinking of creating a blog post focused on the power of search engine optimization, dive deeper into the topic and create a post on the power of targeting long-tail keywords to get better search engine ranking results. The more narrow your focus, the better your results will be.

#3: Invest in Content Promotion

There are multiple ways to promote a piece of content: you can share your content on your social media platforms, you can make sure your posts are optimized for search engines, and you can send out an email newsletter. In addition to that, you should also consider adding some paid promotion to your overall content marketing strategy. One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to publish your posts on Facebook and then boost the posts to increase your reach and target a very specific audience. If you do this on a regular basis you will get more eyes on your content and your business will grow a lot quicker.

Need More Content Advice?

If you’re looking for a few more tips and tricks to improve your content marketing and grow your online business, check out all the tools, resources and events available through Digital Altitude. If you want to be the best, you should learn from the best. Browse the Digital Altitude site and see what can help you make that next jump in your business!

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