Don’t Feel Like an Expert? How to Prove That you are

prove you are an expert

In the extremely connected world that we live in and with online business flourishing, anybody can claim to be an expert or guru in any topic. However, there is a huge difference in saying that you’re an expert and in actually being one. As with anything else in life, you have to prove that you are an expert before making that claim.

That’s one of the biggest challenges in marketing today. With so much competition and more people claiming expert status, it has become more important than ever that you prove it. Potential customers want to get the best advice possible and if you claim to be the best but fail to deliver, the consequences can be severe. Not only will you lose customers but your business reputation will also suffer – harming your chances for future success.

How then do you prove that you are an expert and not someone just trying to get more clicks? Put simply, you have to put yourself out there and try these ideas. Following these steps will help establish your credibility and reputation in the eyes of your customers.

Create a Blog

One of the best ways to establish your reputation as an expert is to create a blog. Not only will a blog help your brand name become more recognizable but it will also help cement your credibility. You will illustrate that you really know what you’re talking about by sharing advice and information about your topic.

Customers like that. They like knowing that the advice they are getting is from someone who knows what they are talking about. Make sure you stay consistent on your posting as well. Not only will this keep readers coming back but it also shows you are dedicated to your topic.

Social Media

Have you ever considered using social media as a way to show that you are an expert? Well, you should. As most people know, social media is a great way to interact directly with your audience and that works to your advantage. Customers will comment on social media pages with comments, concerns, and most importantly (in this case), questions. By answering important questions with sound advice, you prove that you are an expert in your field. Your credibility and reputation go way up.

You can also share recommendations with your social media followers in many ways. Post articles and share other content that has value for your customers. They will appreciate it and will respect your authority even more.

Other Ideas…

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While blogging and social media are two of the best ways to establish credibility, there are many other things you can do to cement it even more.

  • Tell Stories
    • Everyone loves a good story and sharing the experiences of how you overcame obstacles that your customers are currently facing is a great way to highlight your expertise.
  • Be Interviewed
    • If someone wants to interview you, it tells everyone else that what you have to say is valuable.
  • Have Others Recommend You
    • If someone recommends you, they validate your expertise and knowledge.
  • Guest Post Your Content
    • When someone else shares your content, it illustrates that you aren’t just another blogger but actually know what you are talking about.

You Are An Expert – Just Prove It

Proving your expertise is incredibly important if you ever want to succeed. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Why would they buy from or trust someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about? They wouldn’t. So make sure they know that you know your stuff.

Prove that you are an expert by creating a blog and using social media. After you’ve done that, help boost your credibility by using any or all of the other 4 tips we’ve mentioned. Once your reputation is established, you will start to see more customers coming to you for your expertise.

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