What Makes the Ultimate Podcast?

Ultimate Podcast

Have you ever considered creating a podcast for your business? If not, then you definitely should. Podcasting is a great way for you to share your personality and your ideas with your audience, customers, and new visitors.

First, do you know what a podcast is? Basically, a podcast is an audio show that can be downloaded and listened to on a mobile device, tablet or computer. They are usually spread across several episodes but don’t have to be and are a great way to help your business grow.

According to Entrepreneur.com, podcasting can help you reach new audiences. In fact, Brandon Turner says that 7 out of 10 times, new customers find their business through their “Bigger Pockets” podcast. In addition to finding new customers, podcasting has other benefits. Listeners will feel like they already know you, they will engage in more conversations with you, and you’ll become a better public speaker.

Enough about why you should create a podcast, let’s talk about what goes into creating one. What makes the ultimate podcast? It comes down to a few simple things. Check them out below.

Pick An Engaging Topic

When you create your podcast, make sure you focus on something you love. If you want your podcast to be a success, then you can’t just pick any old topic. It needs to be something you will continue to be excited about for months and years to come. It takes time to create anything successful, and if you are only sort of excited about your topic, your podcast won’t last. Once you’ve decided on your topic, make sure it’s something that others can get excited about too.

Who Are You Broadcasting To?

As with any form of advertising or marketing, knowing your audience is absolutely critical to success. It’s no different when you are working on creating the ultimate podcast. John Lee Dumas, host of EOFire, has some great advice when trying to determine who your ideal listener is. He recommends creating an ‘avatar.’

Your Avatar is the ONE person who will listen to your Podcast and ask him or herself, ‘Was this Podcast created specifically for me? I feel like the host is talking directly to me, addressing my pain points, and giving me valuable information on how to move past my biggest struggles!’ Every Entrepreneur is terrified of creating just one perfect listener. Right now you’re reading this saying: “But I want my Podcast to be for more than just one person, I want the world to love me and to have millions of listeners!” BIG mistake. Massive.”

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Because of his commitment to this idea, Mr. Dumas even created an animated video of his avatar. Because he knows his ideal listener so well, his podcast is targeted specifically towards them and continues to do well.

So start asking, “Whom am I broadcasting to?” and “What does my ideal listener want to hear?” Knowing the answers to these questions will help drive your podcast to better success.


Equipment is absolutely necessary to create the ultimate podcast, well actually to create any podcast. However, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Anyone with a microphone, a computer, and an Internet connection can create a podcast. You don’t need a recording studio with the most expensive equipment to create a successful show. Consider Helen Zaltzman. Her podcast “Answer Me This” started in 2007 and has won several awards since. The best part: the entire show is recorded in a suburban living room in London.

While you may want to consider investing in high-quality audio editing software, you don’t need the ‘latest & greatest’ equipment to create a successful podcast. If you’ve got a decent microphone, a computer, an Internet connection, and audio editing software, you have all the tools you need.

Now It’s Your Turn

Though podcasting was first introduced in 2004, it has recently reemerged as a great option for businesses to reach out to their customers. When you start creating your ultimate podcast, make sure to focus on picking an engaging topic, knowing to whom you are broadcasting and what they want, and having the right equipment. The hardest part of creating a podcast is actually deciding to do it…so what are you waiting for? Go get started!

What other things do you think make the ultimate podcast?

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