3 Podcasts to Listen to When Your Business Needs a Boost

Some days in online business come easily. The work goes smoothly, the site is launched and your marketing efforts keep bringing in sales. Some days, though, don’t run so well. You have to pull an all-nighter fixing glitches, sales fall through or no one even bothers to show up for your site launch. Online entrepreneurs know both extremes.

The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts may be the perfect pick-me-up that you need on the days when nothing seems to be going right. Some podcasters post weekly or even daily messages directed to business owners like yourself who want to learn business tips or hear some motivation.

Their audio format and availability on channels like iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud make podcasts’ content easy-to-consume. Listen to them on the way to work, while you’re cooking, when you’re laying on the beach or wherever!

While it’s hard to limit the number of great entrepreneurial podcasts to only 3, this list will at least it give you a place to get started. The podcasts here speak to real problems online business owners face. They will help you refocus your efforts from people who have been there in the trenches like you.

Eventual Millionaire

You may feel like Jaime Masters once did, stuck in a job you hate but struggling through it to pay the bills or reduce debt. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. It wasn’t for Masters. After setting a goal to change her life, she got out of debt and found a worthwhile career that she loved within 16 months. For the dreamers who also want to enjoy what they do and make millions, Masters created a podcast just for you: Eventual Millionaire.

You can either watch or listen to the Eventual Millionaire podcast. Follow as Masters interviews millionaire after millionaire, finding out their trade secrets to success. Together they answer important questions like, “What sets millionaires apart from other business owners?” or, “How can I be making more revenue?”

The stories these millionaires share, coupled with Masters questions and responses, are inspiring for any entrepreneur who hasn’t found what works for them yet.

Sample Episode: “Eyes Wide Open with Isaac Lidsky”

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In this podcast episode, Masters teams up with Isaac Lidsky, entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book, Eyes Wide Open. In his book and this podcast, Lidsky talks about losing his sight as a young man. He sees it as a blessing, though, because of how much it changed his perspective. Rather than letting life happen to him, Lidsky began to shape his life the way he wanted starting from within himself.

Masters asks Lidsky how people who don’t experience such a traumatic event can still empower themselves daily to also create the life they want. It all comes down to making a choice, Lidsky says. But you don’t want to miss what else he and Masters have to share about forming a more meaningful and purpose-driven life.


Co-hosts Alex Blumberg (CEO of Gimlet Media) and Lisa Chow (former NPR reporter and FiveThirtyEight senior editor) bring together their expertise in the podcast StartUp. They refer to their show as, “A series about what’s it’s really like to start a business.”

Blumberg and Chow get down to the basics of starting a company in each episode. They discuss practical solutions and ideas in connection with stories from actual startups to back up their claims.

If you’re in the beginning stages (or even hanging by a thread in the later stages) of starting a business, StartUp has some great advice. Told with its real-world approach, the pointers they give are not to be missed.

Sample Episode: “Sell the Apartment, Keep the Startup (Season 6, Episode 3)”

This recent episode shares one CEO’s story about the sacrifices he made to continue pursuing his business. At one point, after months of not making an income, Jasen Yang even considered selling his own home, at the disapproval of his pregnant wife.

StartUp brought together Yang with venture capitalist and business coach, Jerry Colonna, who previously spoke on StartUp. In this episode they talk about how to live with sacrifice and make decisions that benefit your business and the people around you. With Chow’s underlying narrative, StartUp makes their conversation informative, revealing and compelling to any struggling business owner.

Hack To Start

A podcast founded and hosted by Franco Varriano and Tyler Copeland, this podcast gives you another extra boost of motivation to begin your day. Varriano and Copeland interview innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone they find interesting. With their podcast they want to uncover how these people became successful and any tips you can use to start a successful enterprise yourself.

This has been a popular podcast from its inception in 2014. Within a few short months, Hack To Start rose to the top Business and Business News podcast with over 160,000 downloads in its first year. Varriano and Copeland continue to find inspiring leaders in many different industries who give solid advice for beginning to follow your dream.

Sample Episode: “James Seymour-Lock (Episode 25)”

In one of their earlier episodes, Varriano and Copeland interview entrepreneur James Seymour-Lock. A two-time college dropout, Seymour-Lock co-founded a user experience company, Simple As Milk. and broadening its impact by working with several other tech startups.

He’s living the dream now, traveling the world while running his business on the road. It’s a dream many entrepreneurs only wish for, but Seymour-Lock shares how he’s made it possible to see new places and help his business only grow more and more.

Seymour-Lock’s advice is sound, especially for one so young in business. As usual, Varriano and Copeland picked a fantastic and interesting entrepreneur for the focus of their podcast episode.

Why Podcasts?

If you or your online business is struggling, remember, you’re not in this alone. If others around you fail to understand what you’re going through, go to the people who do understand. Join communities of like-minded entrepreneurs who are trying to make it as well.

What we love about podcasts is the human connection we feel with the host(s) and the people they interview. We love their stories because they mimic our own. They struggled to startup a company, but they endured and succeeded. They bring us hope that our light at the end of the tunnel may be closer than we think.

What are your favorite podcasts? Who inspires you? Comment below!

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